How to block spammers mail in Yahoo mail account

spammer is a big problem for every person in current time as they are very irritating and unnecessary , there are different different ways by which you can reduce the amount spam email you receive , Yahoo already has anti-spam filters, and you can use even these filter to reduce the amount of spams in your inbox . you can mitigate the amount of spams by adopting some good email habits and regular reporting.You can call to our  yahoo mail customer service number  –  1-888-833-4608 (Toll free)

first of all you have to Identify the difference between spam and legitimate advertising emails

It is not that all Email advertisements are spams . If you have checked the box to get newsletter while sign up while creating a new account , that signs you up for special offer emails. These these Emails are authorized advertisements and you can dealt easily with all these Emails,
a) Most legitimate advertising emails clearly stāte the sending company , as well the provide a unsubscribe from button at the end of the message.
b) The actual Spam messages rarely stāte the Email sending company and normally clutter with unknown claims and bad spelling , many spam messages claim to offer you a free prize amount of a contest you didn’t enter

Block an Email address that is repeatedly spamming your inbox

yahoo mail address block

If you receiving emails form the same Email address that is bypassing Yahoo!’s spam filter , You can block it .To block an Email address it is mandatory that you have to log in your mail account on a computer or laptop , You can’t block a address by your mobile phone.

follow the steps
log in >setting>Blocked Addresses tab>Type address>click “Block”.
and the same for any other mail address to block


Unsubscribe from legitimate marketing email messages

Many of the marketing and junk messages that are the main resion to full your mail box storage are safe messages.You can unsubscribe these messages ant time by follow the unsubscribed link at the bottom of the message, it will take one or two week to take action.Don’t follow “Unsubscribe” links on messages that are clearly spam otherwise you’ll receive even more spam.


Mark irrelevant inbox messages as spam

Yahoo does not categories automatically sorting unsolicited spam mails in to spam folder, where messages will automatically deleted after the time period you fix (to know how call@ 1-888-833-4608)
if you have any other issue write in the comment section we will try to revert with your solution.Or if you want instant help call us on our yahoo customer service phone number 24/7 (1-888-833-4608 – Toll Free).

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